Behind The Collection: Bezels & Baguettes


When having your first child you almost have to rediscover who you are as an individual while shaping yourself into the new version of who you are becoming. It takes time, but so do all of the best things in life.

With the latest addition of Olivia Riley, into the S+J family came countless early mornings spent playing with blocks and shapes in her nursery. Building, learning and in doing so, rediscovering the world through her eyes. This sparked the inspiration behind our Bezels and Baguettes collection which became all about shaping yourself, nurturing future generations and building a secure foundation on which to grow your relationships and your legacy. As the bezel delicately envelops each stone, it provides a solid base and starting point from which to strengthen connections, whether it be with yourself, your loved ones or a special friend. 

Because, isn’t life about growth, change, self development and feeling supported after all?

Celebrate this and yourself by uncovering and discovering our Bezels and Baguettes Fine Jewellery capsule. Timeless, classic pieces that will become the building blocks on which to base your jewellery collections on, and of course, to pass on to future generations.

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