Keep your jewels looking their best by following the below care tips -

Everyday Care Considerations:
  • As you go about your everyday lives, please be aware that our pieces are delicate and can get caught on clothing, handbags, mask straps or even door handles which can lead to damage as well as scratching occurring.
  • Please be sure to put your pieces on last when getting dressed and to take them off first when undressing in order to avoid them catching on clothing items.
  • Take your pieces off when sleeping to avoid the potential tangling of chains or the bending of earrings.
  • Be sure to store all of your pieces separately, in a cool dry place, so as to avoid them scratching and your chains from tangling. The Sadie + Jean jewellery box or pouches received with each purchase is the ultimate storage place so please keep these and re-use them. 
  • Contact with perfumes, hand sanitiser, creams, make-up as well as soap can accelerate the tarnishing process of your pieces so please take care when using these substances and handling your jewellery.
Although our enamel pieces are long lasting, we do advise that caution is taken when exposing these items to harsh chemicals, such as chlorine and perfume, as well as to avoid contact with soap, sunscreen, sanitiser and creams. Please ensure that you take your piece off before showering or exercising as this can lead to the colour of the enamel fading.


As a result of the minimal nature of our designs, our stones are set with fine sterling silver or 9ct prongs which, although made for everyday wear, need to be handled with care. Knocks might cause these prongs to become loose and as a result diamond or gemstone loss can occur. 

If stone loss should occur within a period of 3 months, we are happy to replace them at our expense. Should this happen after the outlined time, there will be a fee incurred for the repair, replacement of the stone as well as the courier charge. This will all be determined after the piece has been received and inspected by our team.

If stone loss does occur due to negligence, we cannot be held liable for the missing stone. Please contact us on and we will be able to quote you on a replacement stone or guide you on a way forward.
Stones are prone to scratching. Please take care when storing and wearing pieces with gemstones, including diamonds. Due to the delicate nature of gemstones, we advise that your piece is cleaned by a professional jeweller once a year or by using a soft lint-free cloth.


If your chain does become knotted, please untangle it as soon as possible in order to avoid breakage or stretching of the chain. Using two pins (or something of a similar nature), untangle the piece from the middle of the knot on a hard flat surface to loosen the chain. Go slowly, take care when doing so and please be patient when going through this process.

Huggies and Sleeper Clasps:

We are known for our extremely fine pieces but this does mean that items need to be handled with the utmost love and care. To ensure the longevity of your huggies and sleepers, please be delicate when putting them into your ears as well as removing them. When opening these pieces, gently pull each side slightly apart (not the whole way as this might damage the hinge). Once you have placed the pin into your ear, click the two ends together so that you can feel that they are securely closed. 

Please only open your huggies and sleepers as far as needed and do not twist them as this will lead to the misalignment of the pins and possible breakage. By opening these pieces too wide you might also risk loosening the hinge. Applying force in closure of these pieces could lead to the pins snapping so please handle these items with care.

Having said this, we wear our huggies every single day and don’t ever take them out; however the above needs to be mentioned.