Sadie + Jean was born out of a desire to produce and be surrounded by well-made products that embody a relaxed lifestyle where simplicity and effortless living is key. 

The brand came about when two like-minded individuals, Ilana Jossel and Nikki van der Westhuizen, felt the need to create something beautiful that reflected their minimal aesthetic as well as their love for simple, considered and uncomplicated design.

Having both been born into families surrounded by strong, brave women they wanted Sadie + Jean to mirror and celebrate this. The name is a combination of Sadie, Ilana’s daughter, and Jean, Nikki’s grandmother, whose influence have shaped the brand as a whole. This brings in the ‘old’ and the ‘new’ with their inspiration reflecting in the timeless look and feel of Sadie & Jean while still remaining relatable in our modern, everyday lives.


Each of our jewellery pieces has been thoughtfully created in order to achieve a timeless yet modern appeal, allowing them to be worn over and over again transcending both time and seasons.

Many of the pieces in our collection have been conceptualised by uncovering and rediscovering treasured heirlooms within our families. By adding a more contemporary spin to these much loved and timeless jewels, these pieces are still able to resonate today.