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Size Guide


Finding the correct ring size can be a difficult task. Below we have outlined how you can (more or less) establish your ring size at home. We do, however, recommend rather going to see a local jeweller and getting your finger sized in person to be sure. Should you choose to size your finger at home and size it incorrectly, please note that we cannot be held liable for any inaccurate sizing provided.


  • Find a piece of sturdy cardboard, plastic or thick wire and wrap it around the desired finger
  • Take a pen and mark the spot where the ends touch
  • Measure the length marked using a ruler
  • Use the chart below as a guideline to find your correct ring size

Please see a general guideline for ring sizing below. South Africa follows the UK size model as per the ring chart.

  • X-Small - G, G½,H, H½,I, I½
  • Small - J, J½, K, K½, L, L½
  • Medium - M, M½, N, N½, O, O½
  • Large - P, P½, Q, Q½
  • X-Large - R, R½, S, S½, T
Size: AU/UK Size: USA Internal Circumference Internal Circumference
H 3.5 46.1mm 1.82'
H 1/2 4 46.8mm 1.84'
I 4 47.4mm 1.87'
I 1/2 4.5 48.0mm 1.89'
J 4.5 48.7mm 1.92'
J 1/2 5 49.3mm 1.94'
K 5 50.0mm 1.97'
K 1/2 5.5 50.6mm 1.99'
5.5 51.2mm 2.02'
L 1/2 6 51.9mm 2.04'
6 52.5mm 2.07'
M 1/2 6.5 53.1mm 2.09'
N 6.5 53.8mm 2.12'
N 1/2 7 54.4mm 2.14'
7 55.1mm 2.17'
O 1/2 7.5 55.7mm 2.19'
P 7.5 56.3mm 2.22'
P 1/2 8 57.0mm 2.24'
Q 8 57.6mm 2.27'
Q 1/2 8.5 58.3mm 2.29'
R 8.5 58.9mm 2.32'
R 1/2 9 59.5mm 2.34'



  • Your finger size can change depending on the temperature. Do not take the measurement when your body temperature is either too hot (as your finger size will expand) or too cold (as your fingers tend to shrink).
  • Please don’t use a string to gauge your finger size. They can stretch resulting in an inaccurate reading.
  • If your knuckle is bigger than the base of your finger, we recommend going up half or even a full size.
  • If you have any questions, please feel free to mail us on for further guidance

Once again, we always recommend visiting a local jeweller and getting your finger sized in person beforehand to be sure as resizing can be a tricky process, with possible extra costs incurred. 

Can I give you my exact ring size?

Yes, if you know your ring size or it happens to be bigger than the sizes listed on the product page, please leave us a note at checkout and we will place your order in this exact size for you.

Please note that if your ring size is larger than a T there will be an additional fee incurred for the extra metal used. Please email us on to request a quote.


What happens if I need to get my ring resized?

Should you need to resize your ring after receiving it, we are happy to help. Please note that there will be a small fee incurred for courier collection there and back as well as labour costs for the resizing. All Sterling Silver rings will be charged at a R250 resizing fee and all 9ct Gold rings at a fee of R500.